Ethnic Cleansing in Government Offices, Taliban Dismisses 400 Government Employees in Panjshir

Local sources in Panjshir province report that the Taliban has dismissed at least 400 civil and military employees from the offices of this province.

Reliable sources, talking to Hasht-e Subh have said that the dismissed employees include 30 employees of the security command, dismissed on Saturday, the employees of the province, several directorates, and the passport management of this province.

Sources claim that the dismissed people are of Tajik origin and they are replaced with people from Kandahar and Helmand provinces.

Sources add that among the dismissed people, about 300 are administrative employees and soldiers of the Taliban security command in Panjshir. The Taliban have not officially said anything about this. This is despite the fact that previously, the Taliban in Panjshir had separated and imprisoned several local officials of this group from the ranks of the Taliban in Panjshir.