Local Sources: Seven offensive Attacks of Taliban on Balkhab District Repelled

Sources affiliated with Commander Mehdi Mujahid have reported that they have repelled at least seven Taliban attacks on their bases so far in Balkhab district, Sar-e Pol province.

Since yesterday, seven Taliban offensive attacks to seize Balkhab district have been repulsed because of residents’ resistance, resulting in heavy casualties for Taliban fighters, sources told Hasht-e Subh on Friday.

Sources close to Commander Mehdi have claimed that dozens of Taliban fighters have been killed and wounded in clashes in the Qum Kotel area since the early hours of Friday, June 24, 2022 morning.

However, sources added that as a result of the clashes, two forces of Commander Mehdi are killed and three others are injured.

In the meantime, reliable sources in Balkhab have stated that the Taliban group is using Badri and Mansoori Corps to carry out suicide attacks among those resistance forces who support Commander Mehdi.

According to sources, in early Friday, June 24, 2022, a Taliban suicide bomber blew up himself in one of the Balkhab areas but had no casualties.

Meanwhile, the Taliban launched their offensive attacks on the Balkhab district on June 23, 2022, but have so far lost dozens of their fighters in the fight against their own only Hazara-affiliated commander who used to fight in their own ranks for many years.

It is also reported that the resistance forces under Commander Mehdi’s command have seized a number of weapons as well.

Taliban lacks the capacity to accept even like-minded figures from other ethnicities, except Pashtun. Since August 2021, the group has expelled well-known Tajik, and Uzbek and now trying to remove only Hazara Talib commanders from their ranks.

Power and resource domination by single ethnic, particularly Pashtun has long been the main reason behind endless suffering and conflicts in Afghanistan. Taliban, being 99% Pashtun in leading and decision-making roles are trying to continue their ancestors’ path to dominate the power and resources by removing, killing, murdering, and violating the rights of others by using the baseless religious arguments on the basis of which they could convince their brainwashed fighters to fight for the last 20 years against the partially inclusive government that was formed by the help of America and the international community.

Taliban did use the Tajik, Uzbek, and only Hazara commander, Mahdi to fight in their ranks for the last 20 years, but as soon as the group seized power in August 2021, purification of their ranks started by removing the Tajik and Uzbek leading commanders in northern areas of the country and now it is time for the only Hazara commander in their ranks to be killed and removed off the scene.