Save the Children Is Shocked That Afghan Girls Cannot Attend Schools

8 Subh, Kabul: Save the Children shocked by reports that girls in Afghanistan will not be allowed to attend schools.

Save the Children says it is shocked by reports that girls are not returning to school in Afghanistan, calling it a shocking violation of girls’ rights in the country.

Olivier Franchi, director of regional child rescue operations in Asia, said on Saturday (September 18) that if girls were not allowed to return to school, it would be a shocking violation of their rights.

According to him, all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and economic background, have an equal right to education.

“Education does not just mean raising them (children),” Franchi added. “This is about their survival, especially for girls. Depriving children of education will be devastating right now.”

He also noted that many Afghan children also suffer from the war trauma, which is now exacerbated by drought, mass displacement, and growing economic crises.

The organization has been working with technical and educational cooperation in schools across Afghanistan since 1976.