Taliban Temporarily Implement the Constitution of the Zaher Shah’s Reign

8am, Kabul: Acting Minister of Justice Abdul Hakim Sharie said in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Wang Yu in Kabul that the Taliban would implement those articles of the Mohammad Zahir Shah-era constitution for a temporary period that would not breach Islamic principles.

The meeting took place on Monday, according to a statement published by the Taliban Ministry of Justice’s Facebook page.

The head of the Taliban’s Ministry of Justice had allegedly said that the Taliban respect those international laws and acts that are not at odds with Islam.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Acting Minister of Justice of the Taliban thanked China for its assistance to Afghanistan as a friend.

Abdul Hakim Sharie said that the Taliban want friendship with all countries and will not allow Afghan territory to be used against any country.

The constitution that has been proposed by the Taliban was approved in 1343 AH (1964). During the transition period of Hamid Karzai, this constitution was temporarily enforced until the drafting and approval of the new constitution.