The Taliban Hanged the Bodies of Several Kidnappers in Herat, Afghanistan

8am, Herat: The Taliban hanged the bodies of several kidnappers, said to be members of a kidnapping gang, in central parts of Herat, in the west of Afghanistan.

The men were killed Saturday morning after an armed clash with Taliban forces, and their bodies were then displayed in central parts of the city.

Photos and videos posted on social media show the bodies of the kidnappers being displayed in the regions of Mostofiat, Gol Square, and the Malek Gate in Herat.

However, local security sources in Herat have not yet provided exact details of the certain number of kidnappers. In the meantime, some sources, confirm that at least three militants were killed in the clashes with the Taliban and one was arrested.

According to locals, members of a kidnapping group clashed with Taliban intelligence forces in the Khajah Kola area of Herat after kidnapping a businessman from the city, and the abductee was released from their clutches.

This is the first time since the capture of Herat by the Taliban that the bodies of kidnappers and criminals have been exposed to the public.

Kidnappings in the province in recent days have raised concerns about the resurgence of organized crimes in the western city of Herat.