Former Parliament Member Ajmal Rahmani’s Bodyguard Arrested by the Taliban in Kabul

According to local sources, the Taliban have arrested a bodyguard of Ajmal Rahmani, a former member of the previous government parliament, in Kabul.

The individual, named Abdulwakil Merzaie, was detained by the Taliban on Sunday, May 28, in the Parwan 3 area of Kabul and has been transferred to an undisclosed location.

Abdulwakil served as the personal bodyguard of Ajmal Rahmani, but after the fall of the previous government, he worked as a blacksmith in Kabul.

He is originally from the village of Piyawasht in Rokha district, Panjshir, and has been residing in Kabul.

The Taliban have not provided any information regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, on April 15, the Taliban also arrested Mujib Zia, a civil activist and media advisor of the Rahmani Foundation, at Kabul Airport while he was traveling to Iran.

In recent days, this group has detained at least four army officers and one former government general in different parts of Kabul, and they have been transferred to undisclosed locations.

The Taliban have not been accountable to any human rights organizations regarding their actions.