NRF Missile Attack on Taliban Positions in Panjshir

Local sources in Panjshir report a missile attack by National Resistance Front forces on Taliban positions in this province.

The attack was carried out at around 12:00 on Wednesday night, November 16, on the house of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim in the Umraz area of ​​Hesseh Awal district of Panjshir, which is currently being used by the Taliban as a military camp.

According to the sources, the forces of the National Resistance Front first targeted the house of Marshal Fahim with BM1 rockets and then clashed with the Taliban for several hours, using light and heavy weapons.

Sources add that the Taliban, in revenge to this attack has tortured  and have  imprisoned several civilians.

The Taliban have not said anything about this so far.

For the last few days, clashes and conflicts were not reported from Panjshir between the NRF and Taliban. This is the first attack carried out by the NRF.