Taliban Commander Imprisoned on Adultery Charges Released

A Taliban military official in Qandahar who was arrested several months ago on charges of committing adultery with several women in this province has been released from prison.

Mawlawi Abdul Ghani Haqbeen, Director of Counter-Terrorism of Spin Boldak Security Command in Spin-Boldak, Qandahar, and a close associate of Mawlawi Mohammad Yosuf, the former governor of Qandahar and current acting governor of Balkh province, was released on Thursday, May 4.

Haqbeen, due to his familial relationship with the former governor of Qandahar, was being held in a private prison, and his case had caused significant disagreements among Taliban leaders in Qandahar.

So far, no details have emerged from Haqbeen’s case in the Qandahar court to explain how he was released from custody.

Yesterday, a number of Taliban supporters and fighters warmly welcomed him upon his release.

It should be noted that late last year, Hasht-e Subh reported on the detention of this Taliban military official in Qandahar, who was accused of committing adultery.