Taliban Demand U.S. to Stop Supporting ISIS Campaign in Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for Taliban, has stated that the remarks made by American officials regarding the number of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan do not match reality and that America should stop supporting the group’s campaign.

On Friday, Mujahid expressed this on his Twitter page.

He stated, “the interest of the US officials in this matter and their grandiosity is aiding and abetting the ISIS insurgents, which should be stopped.”

Mujahid claimed that ISIS has already been significantly weakened.

This comes as just a few days ago, General Michael Erik Kurilla, the commander of United States Central Command, stated that ISIS-K will be able to organize and execute attacks in the United States in six months.

Meanwhile, following the recent targeted attacks by ISIS-K on several Taliban officials in Afghanistan, including Davood Muzamel, the governor of this group in Balkh, Militaray.com wrote in an article that Muzamel’s assassination demonstrates the power of ISIS’s influence among the ranks of Taliban.