Taliban Warns of Increasing Distance Between Afghanistan and the World

The Taliban’s foreign ministry in reaction to Richard Bennett’s report and has said that the publication of such reports damage the spirit of cooperation between countries and widens the gap between Afghanistan and the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban published a newsletter on Thursday, October 27, calling the findings of Richard Bennett, biased, unfair, and rumors.

“Such an unbalanced, unfair, and one-sided statement by Mr. Bennett is not only contrary to what he said in Kabul but also a clear example of an unprofessional and biased report,” Said Taliban in the newsletter.

The Taliban said: “Such reports are unstable personal claims and are based on virtual sources and personal biased emails.” the statement further adds that such irresponsible statements are made with the aim of creating evil and hypocrisy in Afghan society.

Meanwhile, the special rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Council has presented his report on Afghanistan to the General Assembly of this organization, raising concerns about the violations of international laws and human rights in Afghanistan and the miserable situation of ethnics such as Hazaras and religious minorities.