The People Will Not Surrender To Taliban’s Tyranny

The people of Afghanistan have chosen not to succumb to the tyranny of the Taliban. If this group enters the society through peace, it will be greeted by the people. The Taliban, however, has now chosen war. With the attack on the big cities, an atmosphere of blood and terror has flowed. Doctors Without Borders in Helmand announced two days ago that “life in the city of Lashkar Gah has reached a dead end.” Médecins Sans Frontières says their ability to care for the wounded has been diminished. The main cause of this scandal is no side other than the Taliban.

Citizens of Herat on Monday night chanted “Allah Akbar” and expressed their hatred of the Taliban’s unbridled violence. As a result, Kabulis chanted “Allah Akbar” from the roofs of their homes against the Taliban in support of government forces on Tuesday (August 3) night. More than anything else, these cries are a sign of the people’s hatred and disgust for the Taliban’s war with the government. The Taliban must listen to these cries. This group must understand that it is not possible to gain power by force. The Taliban must understand that if it continues this bloody path, it will face a wave of upheaval and a burst of popular hatred.

People supported the government’s peace plan with the Taliban. Their goal was to stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan. People believe that the Taliban is part of the reality of Afghan society. According to people, it is not possible to physically remove this group. Hence, they are in favor of peace between the government and the Taliban. This advocacy still continues.

The Taliban have been a stumbling block to Afghanistan’s stability, development and prosperity for 26 years. It has deprived people of the right to human life. It has trampled on their freedoms and human rights. This situation can be clearly seen in the spontaneous resistance of the people and their nocturnal screams in Herat and Kabul. People are protesting against the Taliban. They want the group to return to the negotiating table meaningfully. This is the most humane and Islamic demand that the Taliban must fulfill. Otherwise, the Taliban will be drowned in a massive flood of public hatred.

The government has recently declared war on the Taliban. The Afghan political community has supported this action. The National Assembly has also approved the government’s plan. The common people and the war-torn countries also support this decision. In this way, it is better for the Taliban to come to their senses and avoid miscalculations in the war against the government.

If the Taliban insists on war, it will miss the opportunity for peace with the government. It is impossible for this group to gain power by force. The international community is not in favor of this group fighting the government. The Taliban’s war with the government is not bought at the domestic level either. It is clear that the group’s insistence on war is a miscalculation. The dream of the Taliban winning the war will never come true. This group must reconsider its calculations.

The government’s turning to peace with the Taliban does not mean that the government is weak. People’s support for the government’s peace plan does not mean they are content with what the Taliban are doing. The government and the people are in favor of a just peace with the Taliban. Otherwise, the government and the people will not give in to the Taliban.

Women have also announced their readiness to fight the Taliban. In Bamyan, we saw that women willingly provided food, water and supplies for the frontline soldiers. In the north, we saw women, although symbolically armed, send a warning message to the Taliban. In Herat and Kabul, women and men chanted “Allah Akbar” together. They declared that they are more Muslim than any Taliban and will not submit to the false narration of this group’s version of Islam.

The Taliban must reconsider its choices. War will not benefit this group. Even if this war extends to more decades, the people will not surrender to this group. Therefore, it is better for the Taliban to return to the peace talks. Give in to a just peace. Do not waste time. Get rid of the false mindset of conquest and the fall of the government. The people of Afghanistan deserve the best, and the Taliban should not try to push them back and deprive them of a prosperous life.