Unidentified Vandals Rampage: Dozens of Trees Axed in Nangarhar Forests

Residents of Naziyan district in Nangarhar province have reported that unidentified individuals have been cutting down trees in the forests of this district for several days.

Sadam, a resident of Naziyan district, stated on Monday, May 22, that a group of individuals have been clandestinely cutting down trees in the forests of this district during the night for the past few days.

According to him, approximately 100 trees have been cut down so far.

He further adds that no preventive measures have been taken thus far, and the Taliban authorities must take urgent actions to save the forests.

On the other hand, Mawlawi Shirin Agha Badr, the Taliban commander in charge of forest protection in Nangarhar, has stated that several individuals have been arrested on charges of cutting down trees in the forests.

He emphasized that they are making efforts to apprehend all the suspects.

Some sources, in conversation with Hasht-e Subh, claim that local Taliban fighters are involved in cutting down the trees and allow loggers to cut trees in exchange for money.

This incident follows a similar occurrence in which unidentified individuals cut down trees in a forest in the Spin Ghar district, Nangarhar.