300 Afghan Nationals Perish in Turkey Earthquakes

300 Afghan citizens tragically perish in earthquakes, with 400–500 injured according to Dr. Rafiq Haqyar, head of the Afghan refugee Association in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to Dr. Rafiq Haqyar, 300 Afghan citizens were reported dead and between 400 to 500 were injured as a result of the earthquake that hit 10 provinces in Turkey.

However, there is limited information available on the casualties of Afghan citizens, as many do not have proper immigration documents.

The bodies of some Afghan victims are expected to be buried in mass graves, and families of Afghan refugees are reportedly complaining about not being able to retrieve the bodies of their loved ones.

The earthquake has caused over 26,000 casualties in Turkey and Syria.

The energy released was estimated to be equivalent to 500 atomic bombs by the Turkey Disaster Management Authority.