After 40 years, Nomads with Support of the Taliban Receive 900,000 AFN from Local Residents in Daikundi as a Blood Price

Local sources in Daikundi report that the nomads, with the support of the Taliban, claim nearly one million AFN in blood prices after 40 years from the local residents.

Sources on Thursday, October 27, say that the local Taliban officials have collected nearly one million Afghanis in blood price following the claim of the nomads that two nomadic men had been killed and wounded 40 years ago in the Khudi valley of Khidir district of this province.

According to the sources, the district governor and the judge of the Taliban court in Khidir Daikundi have forced the residents of the Khudi Valley to pay 900,000 AFN to nomads as a blood price.

Sources added that the Taliban officials allocated 800,000 AFN for the claiming Nomads and 100,000 Afghani for themselves.

This is not the first case, there have been several similar cases where in response to the claims of the nomads, the Taliban have favored them and have fined the local residents millions of AFN.