Assadullah Khalid: We are not sure that the peace talks will reach a conclusion

8 Subh, Kabul: The acting Minister of Defense says he is not confident that the Doha talks will reach a conclusion.

Asadullah Khalid, who presented his work plans to the House of Representatives as the nominee for Defense Minister on Tuesday, November 17, said that the Taliban had no will to “make peace and reduce violence.”

The acting Defense Minister said he was not confident that the peace talks would be successful. He emphasized, however, that his remarks did not mean that he was opposed to peace, but that the only regular force that could protect the stability of peace was the army. Khalid stressed that there were no signs of a desire for peace among the Taliban’s international and regional supporters. According to him, Taliban’s training and support centers are still active in Quetta, Miranshah, Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan and that injured members of this group are being treated at these centers.

Khalid, on the other hand, stressed that the “disturbances and limitations” caused by the Qatar talks during the past year prevented the army from operating with full authority. He cited the recapture of nine districts and the release of hundreds of Taliban prisoners as achievements of the security forces over the past year.

Assadullah Khalid said the Taliban had planned to take over several provinces but were prevented from doing so. Referring to reports of US troops leaving the country, Khalid added that not all of them will leave Afghanistan. According to Khalid, there is an equal possibility that the number of foreign troops will decrease or increase.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense said that 96% of military operations are led and managed by security forces, adding that the army is ready to defend the country independently. Khalid says security forces cover and control about 60% of the country’s territory using drones.

He also said that the army’s equipment will be modernized. According to Khalid, Russian military aircraft will be replaced by American aircraft, and there is a commitment that these planes will help the army by 2024.