Khorasani, a Taliban Commander, Arrests Two Nephews of Former National Security Chief of Panjshir

Sources in Kabul city report that Abdul Hamid Khorasani, one of the Taliban commanders, has arrested two nephews of Engineer Ali, the former National Security Chief of the previous government in Panjshir.

Sources on Monday, May 22, speaking to Hasht-e Subh, state that Khorasani, along with 20 of his fighters, stormed the house of Engineer Ali’s brother in the eleventh district of Kabul six days ago and brutally beat and abducted his 16- and 17-year-old nephews.

These two adolescents are named Mohammad Musa and Idris. According to sources’ claims, they have been subjected to severe torture and humiliation, including electric shocks.

Sources state, “Abdul Hamid’s personal grudges, extortion from Engineer Ali, and the fact that these underage youths are Panjshiris are among the factors behind the attack on Engineer Ali’s brother’s house and the arrest of these young boys.”

Hamid Khorasani has so far arrested several members of this former military officer’s family.

According to the sources’ allegations, the Taliban has demanded money and weapons in exchange for the release of these individuals from their families.

Sources, citing Khorasani, emphasize that these young boys have now been handed over to the Haqqani network, and he cannot free them from the clutches of this network.

Based on the statements of the sources, two other members of Engineer Ali’s family have also been arbitrarily detained recently and transferred to an unknown location.

Previously, Abdul Hamid Khorasani had been accused of extortion and arbitrary arrests.

In the latest incident on May 9, 2023, Khorasani, who had gone to the Jabal Seraj district of Parwan province to arrest several residents, faced a reaction from the Taliban’s Ministry of Defense forces, resulting in the arrest of four of his guards.