Mysterious Poisoning: 70 Students and 2 Teachers Fall Victim in Girls’ Schools in Sar-e Pul

Local sources in Sar-e Pul have reported that approximately 70 male and female students from grades one to six, along with two female teachers, have mysteriously fallen victim to poisoning in the Sancharak district of this province.

Sources confirmed on Sunday, June 4, in an interview with Hasht-e Subh, that the affected children include 50 male and female students from the “Kabod Ab” secondary school and 20 students, along with two teachers, from the “Faizabad” girls’ school in this district.

According to one source, these two schools have a total of 120 and 250 students, respectively.

Although the details of this event are still unclear, some local sources claim that unidentified gunmen, who allegedly identify as Taliban fighters, were spotted in the area prior to the incident.

They state that early in the morning on Saturday, June 3, the students of these two schools were poisoned.

Meanwhile, health sources in the Sar-e Pul province have stated that they have not yet been able to identify any toxic substances in the bodies of the students.

Local Taliban officials have not commented on this matter concerning the Sar-e Pul province.

However, it is worth noting that last year, during protests, a number of female university students in Kabul were poisoned, but the poisoning of primary school students in the country is unprecedented.