Taliban Arrest a University Professor in Badakhshan Province

Local sources in Badakhshan province report that Taliban intelligence agency has arrested a university professor in this province.

Sources on Tuesday, April 5, said that the professor’s name is Sakhi-Dad Sangin and he is the English Language and Literature department professor at Badakhshan University.

Sources add that Taliban arrested him last week on charges of criticizing Taliban educational policies towards girls and the closure of girls’ schools in front of the gates of Badakhshan University as he was leaving the campus.

Meanwhile, another source says that Taliban has arrested him on charges of moral corruption.

This comes as Taliban have imprisoned their critics on similar charges in various provinces.

It is said that the students and faculty of Badakhshan University have not said anything about the arrest of this professor out of fear of Taliban.

Sources say that Sangin had been teaching at Badakhshan University as a professor for the past 10 years, and students have had no complaints about him.

Taliban have not commented on the arrest of this university professor.

Taliban have previously arrested and suppressed a large number of their critics.

In the latest case, they also arrested Mateullah Visa, the head of the Pen Path Foundation.