Taliban Hires Female Agents to Suppress Women’s Movements in Parwan

The Taliban hires female agents to monitor women’s activities in Parwan province.

Sources confirmed to Hasht-e Subh on Tuesday, December 27, that the procedure of hiring female officers by the Taliban’s Vice and Virtue Department in Parwan continues.

Sources detailed the Taliban have hitherto employed dozens of female vice and virtue agents in various vicinities in Parwan province.

These newly recruited female agents are obliged to monitor women’s affairs and activities in Parwan province and report to local Taliban officials.

The Taliban’s female agents cover the activities of women in designated areas and report twice a week to the vice and virtue department in Parwan province, sources added.

Taliban officials have not yet commented on this matter as of yet.

The Taliban government replaced Women’s Ministry with the Vice and Virtue Ministry shortly after rising to power in August 2021. Since its formation, the Taliban’s Vice and Virtue Promotion Ministry has imposed retrogressive restrictions on the lives of civilians, specifically women.