Taliban Spokesman Accuses Some Countries of Using ISIS against Taliban in Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Taliban, has accused some countries of using the ISIS group against Taliban in Afghanistan while dismissing concerns about ISIS activities in the country as “propaganda”. Without naming any countries, he accused them of magnifying the ISIS group’s presence in Afghanistan and using it against Taliban.

In an interview with the Taliban-controlled Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA), which was released on Monday, Mujahid said that ISIS is responsible for only one percent of the Taliban’s previous attacks. He added that ISIS sometimes carries out attacks skillfully and secretly, which is close to one percent of the experiences that they have had and that the people of Afghanistan have seen.

The Taliban spokesman also stated that “They [ISIS] try to exploit the crowds of people and cities in a very skillful and secretive manner. Sometimes they carry out explosions and some attacks that are very close to one percent of the experiences that we have and that the people of Afghanistan have seen.”

Mujahid accused some countries of magnifying the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan, while earlier the US Central Command had warned that ISIS would be able to attack foreign countries from Afghanistan six months later.

It is worth noting that ISIS has claimed responsibility for several major attacks in the city of Kabul and other cities in the country since Taliban came to power.