Taliban’s Brutal Whippings in Kandahar: Six Individuals Publicly Flogged for Alleged Crimes

The Taliban court in Kandahar province publicly lashed six individuals on various charges within the province. Today, at 9:00 a.m. (Wednesday, May 24), these individuals were subjected to punishment in public at the “Ahmad Shahi” football ground in Kandahar city.

Five of them were convicted of “sodomy,” while another individual was charged with “assisting a woman’s escape” and faced trial.

Eyewitnesses present at the scene of the trial informed Hasht-e Subh that upon entering the place of punishment, the Taliban confiscated their mobile phones.

The Taliban did not allow anyone, including journalists, to document the proceedings or capture images of the punishment.

Typically, the Taliban administers 30 to 40 lashes to individuals accused of sodomy.

The Taliban has issued warnings to those who share videos and images of the punishment process on social media networks.

It is noteworthy that these individuals are being punished while the Taliban recently released a commander accused of engaging in illicit relationships with women.