70 Civilians Arrested by Taliban in Kabul for Being From Panjshir Province

70 civilians were arrested in Kabul by the Taliban because they were from Panjshir Province.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh on Friday (October 14th) that this number of people were arrested in the last week from Khairkhana, Shahr-e Naw, and Sarai Shamali neighborhoods, Kabul.

Apparently, these people have been arrested because they are from Panjshir province, where NRF forces have challenged the Taliban and the Taliban see its residents as enemies. Most of the arrested are residents of the center and Dara district of Panjshir province.

Sources add that in the past few days, some parts of Kabul, where the residents of Panjshir live, have become militarized.

Last night, the Taliban attacked some villages in Panjshir in the dark and arrested more than 100 civilians.

The Taliban have not yet said anything about this news.