Afghan Women’s Protest Movements: Recognizing Taliban is Acknowledging Terrorism

The Alliance of Afghan Women’s Protest Movements has responded to the United Nations’ position on taking small steps towards recognizing the Taliban by saying that recognizing this group is equivalent to recognizing terrorism.

Members of this alliance issued a six-article resolution in a street protest in Kabul on Saturday, April 29.

The resolution states that the world community knows that the Taliban have taken women’s rights hostage to negotiate their recognition with the world. In this regard, they have crossed the red line for the United Nations and violated all international agreements.

The Alliance of Afghan Women’s Protest Movements has said that the Taliban are not worthy of recognition, being in government positions, or representing the Afghan people and that any interaction with this group should be avoided.

The resolution states that the transfer of Afghan embassies one after another to the Taliban is an example of hasty interaction with this group, and in this regard, the United Nations and the world community will be responsible and accountable.

Women protesters in Kabul have continued to say that the United Nations should deal decisively and persistently with the Taliban’s inhumane behaviors and hostile policies, not on personal taste or case-by-case.

They called for meaningful support for the civil struggles and protests of Afghan women and emphasized that women must engage in internal and international discussions and interactions about Afghanistan.

The Alliance of Afghan Women’s Protest Movements has warned that if the Taliban are recognized by the United Nations, this organization and the countries supporting the Taliban will be responsible for violating human rights and strengthening terrorism in Afghanistan.

This comes as in less than three days a session between the United Nations and the Taliban is scheduled to take place in Qatar.