Blast in Samangan’s Al-Jihad Madrassa Leaves 35 Killed, Dozens Injured

The blast in the Al-Jihad Madrassa, in Samangan province in northern Afghanistan, left at least 35 dead and 23 injured.

Al-Jihad Madrassa, offering instruction in Islamic subjects, in ​​the Bandar Road neighborhood, Aybak city, the center of Samangan province, was hit by a powerful explosion on Wednesday afternoon (November 30th).

Taliban officials have not yet commented on this incident.

According to the officials at the regional hospital in Samangan, most of the victims of this explosion are students.

The Taliban have closed the scene and do not allow anyone to film, according to sources.

Locals said that the transfer of bodies from the site of the blast continues.

The reason of the blast is still unknown, and no group has claimed responsibility for it.

The increase in terrorist attacks in cities across Afghanistan has spiked outcry among civilians.