Defense ministry announced that 16 Pakistani members of Al-Qaeda network were killed n Kapisa

Kabul, 8 Subh: The Ministry of Defense has announced that 16 Pakistani members of the Al-Qaeda network were killed in the Afghania Valley in the Nijrab district of Kapisa province.

The operation of the security forces in this valley has been going on for some time. The operation is being carried out by the Joint Security Forces with the support of the Air Force.

Fawad Aman, deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, said on Monday that 30 Taliban members, including 16 Pakistanis members of the al-Qaeda network were killed in the operation. According to Aman, six other Taliban members were wounded.

Mr. Aman did not provide details about the casualties of the security forces.

Fawad Aman said the operation had destroyed a large amount of Taliban weapons and equipment, and that several villages, including Hajjiyan, Khalifagan, Zakir Khalil Kochak and Badakhil in the Afghania valley, had been completely cleared of the Taliban.

He also said that operations are currently underway in three parts of the Afghania valley.

The Taliban has not commented on the killing of members of the al-Qaeda network who, according to the Ministry of Defense, worked in the ranks of the group.

According to the Doha Agreement, the group must cut all ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. The Taliban, however, are accused of still having ties to al-Qaeda and not adhering to the obligations of the Doha Agreement.

The Afghan government and some US security and intelligence agencies have always spoken of the Taliban’s close ties to al-Qaeda.