Heavy Hailstorm Causes Severe Financial Damage to Farmers in Khost Province

Residents of Khost province report that a heavy hailstorm has caused significant damage to farmers in this province.

According to locals, on Monday, a heavy hailstorm in Sabri district of Khost province caused significant damage to wheat fields, vegetables, and fruit orchards.

They added that the hailstorm lasted several hours.

Farmers in Khost say that this is the second time in a week that heavy hailstorms have caused damage to their crops.

They also added that the hailstorm knocked down all the blossoms of fruit trees and destroyed their hopes for a good harvest.

It should be noted that three days ago, the center and several districts of Maidan Wardak province also experienced heavy hailstorms, causing damage to farmers.

This comes as the Taliban-led meteorological department had warned of the possibility of snow and rainfall in several provinces of Afghanistan yesterday.