Kabul Airport Staff Returned to Duty

8 Subh, Kabul: Kabul airport security personnel have returned to their duties. Former security staff are reportedly working alongside Taliban forces to inspect the airport.

Staff at Kabul International Airport left their duties on August 15 after the Taliban entered the capital. They now say they have resumed their duties after receiving phone calls from Taliban commanders.

A former security officer has told AFP that he returned to work on Saturday after a two-week absence. In fact, he says, a senior Taliban commander had asked him to return to work.

The officers who spoke to AFP said they were pleased to be able to resume their work.

Border police have also been reportedly deployed around Kabul International Airport.

Meanwhile, there are also reports of female staff returning to their duties at Kabul International Airport. Of the more than 80 women working at the airport before Kabul fell to the Taliban on August 15, just 12 have returned to their jobs.

Kabul Airport was severely damaged during the 17-day US-led evacuation that ended on September 28.

International flights from the airport have not yet begun, with the exception of humanitarian flights and flights that transported American citizens to Qatar.

Turkey and Qatar are said to be working with the Taliban to reactivate Kabul airport.

Domestic flights have started from Kabul airport to other provinces. International flights from Kabul Airport are expected to resume in the near future.