Organizer of Exhibition Arrested by the Taliban in Herat

Local sources have reported that the organizer of an exhibition in Herat has been arrested by the Taliban. The incident occurred on Thursday, June 1, at the Handicrafts and Agricultural Products Exhibition in Herat city.

According to the sources, the arrest took place after male journalists and other men entered the women’s section of the exhibition. The presence of men in this section prompted the Taliban’s morality police to detain the organizer.

Following the arrest, the exhibition was disrupted and unable to continue.

The Taliban have not yet issued any comments regarding the situation in Herat.

It is worth noting that last year, the Taliban also prevented several exhibitions from taking place in western Kabul.

It is evident that the group’s morality police, bolstered by the employment of more enforcers in various provinces, has imposed strict conditions on the social lives of citizens. These conditions particularly affect women and have a detrimental impact on their livelihoods.