People in Kandahar Protested in Response to the Forced Displacement of 3,000 Families

8 Subh, Kabul: Hundreds of people demonstrated in Kandahar province on Tuesday (September 14). Most of the protesters were women. Protesters claim the Taliban have forced about 3,000 families to leave their houses on the outskirts of Kandahar.

These families used to live in a neighborhood called the “Firqa Kuhna” in the first district of Kandahar. Most of these families have lost their guardians and supporters during the war. Apparently, they have built their houses on the Afghan Ministry of Defence’s land.

Some of these families have been living in this region for almost thirty years.

Protesters say they do not have houses to live in at the moment and must deal with homelessness in the face of any regime change. With the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, they say they have been forced to leave their houses.

Protesters say the former regime allowed settlement only for families who worked for the government. But this time all the residents of the neighborhood have been asked to leave their houses.

The protesters gathered in front of the Kandahar provincial office and demanded their rights.

The protesters, most of whom were women, say they have worked hard for years to build a house without a guardian or supporter. The Taliban have now forced them to flee their houses.

Protesters said the Taliban used loudspeakers yesterday, ordered them to evacuate their houses within three days and remove only the essentials.

Protesters in Kandahar requested the Taliban to allow them to stay in their homes.

Following the demonstration, Haji Yusuf Wafaa, the Taliban governor in Kandahar, had reportedly allowed the families to remain in their houses.

The Taliban also reportedly beat journalists and protesters during the protests.

We tried to get the views of Taliban officials in Kandahar in this regard, but we could not make a call.