Severe Floods Cut Off Roads to Zabul’s Seven Districts

Due to the heavy rain and the occurrence of floods, sources from Zabul report that the roads to the seven districts with the center of this province have been cut off.

On Friday, Sources told that the heavy rain accompanied by floods has been continuing in Zabul districts for the past two days.

So far, the roads to the districts of Arghandab, Daychopan, Khak-e Afghan, Shamalzo, Atghar, Naw-Bahar, and Shinkai have been blocked for traffic.

Residents of Zabul say they are facing many difficulties, including a shortage of water and food.

Taliban officials in Zabul province have not yet said anything about the casualties and damage caused by floods in this province.

On the other hand, the occurrence of floods has cut off the road to three districts of Arghestan, Maroof, and Jerai in Kandahar province with the center of this province, causing significant financial losses.

Sources in Kandahar say that more than 30 houses have been destroyed as a result of the floods, but there is no information about the casualties of this natural event.

Yesterday, the Taliban’s Meteorology Department warned that 20 provinces will experience heavy rains and flooding.