Shameful deals with Pakistan are underway; Rahmatullah Nabil

8 Subh; Kabul: Former National Security Chief Rahmatullah Nabil described the remarks made two days ago by Hamdullah Mohib, a national security adviser in Nangarhar, as an attempt to change public opinion on a deal with Pakistan. On the first day of Eid, Mohib announced that Pakistan was looking to expand its geography into Afghanistan.

Nabil says that whenever there is a deal with Pakistan, the authorities’ “patriotic and anti-Pakistani sentiments” intensify in order to change public opinion. According to him, this has been proven many times.

The former head of national security has claimed that a new military agreement was discussed during a visit by senior British and Pakistani security officials to Kabul, which includes reducing the number of the country’s army.

Nabil on Saturday, May 15, in a series of tweets, republished Abdul Karim Khoram’s reaction to Mohib’s words, although Mohib’s name was not mentioned explicitly. He said that a “shameful deal” was being carried out with the mediation of the British, and that some of them had been completed. According to Nabil, these deals are for the benefit of individuals, but are a great loss for Afghanistan.

According to Nabil, deals in bringing the Durand Line to Afghanistan, unilaterally laying barbed wire, the SOP agreement under which Pakistan builds new gates and checkpoints, eliminating Pakistani opposition under the guise of intelligence cooperation and changing customs and trade tariffs to Pakistan’s interest has been done so far.

The former head of national security also referred to President Ghani’s trilateral meeting with Sir Nick Carter, Head of the British Armed Forces, and Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Staff of the Pakistan Army, at the Presidential Palace on Monday.

He said a two-and-a-half-hour closed-door meeting focused on a military agreement.

According to Nabil, these issues include reducing the Afghan army, training the Afghan army by Pakistan, conducting joint military and intelligence exercises on Afghan soil, repairing Pakistani military aircraft and weapons, suppressing the Pakistani Pashtun protection movement, and more.

Nabil has also said that President Ashraf Ghani has agreed to release 7,000 Taliban prisoners, but is convening a Loya Jirga to save himself from getting blamed.

Hamdullah Mohib on Thursday, May 13, in Nangarhar province, spoke harshly against Pakistan, saying that the country was trying to expand its geography by using a “power-seeking” group, meaning the Taliban. Mohib in Kunar province also said that the main goal of the “enemy” was not to help the Taliban to gain power, but to expand their geography.