Taliban Detain Four Civilians at a Wedding Party in Panjshir

The Taliban arrested four civilians at a wedding party in Panjshir, taking them to an unknown location.

Sources confirmed to Hasht-e Subh on Friday (December 2nd) that the Taliban arrested these people on Wednesday night when they were attending the wedding party of their relatives in Dara Abdullahkhel neighborhood, Dara district, Panjshir province.

The source identified the detainees as Shamoun, Saddam Hussain, Shir Alam and Mir Akbar.

The Taliban disrupted the wedding party by arresting these people and invading the locality, the source added.

Taliban authorities have not commented on this matter and the reason for this action is still unknown.

Previously, Taliban fighters have arrested, tortured and even arbitrarily shot dead dozens of civilians in Panjshir.