Taliban Kidnaps Civilians to Revenge the Death of Two Fighters in Panjshir Province

Taliban kidnapped at least 50 civilians to avenge the death of two of its fighters in Panjshir province.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh that an estimated 50 civilians have been kidnapped since Thursday (October 13th) after the death of two Taliban fighters following an assault by the National Resistance Front(NRF) forces in the Abshar district.

After this incident, the Taliban imprisoned 40 residents of Baba Ali, Qoubi, Jahr Ali and Sarqala villages in a mosque and shot three of them in the legs, sources said.

“The Taliban summoned the elders to the district headquarters and imprisoned and tortured them on Tursday morning,” sources added.

In exchange for the release of newly arrested people, the Taliban have stipulated the surrender of NRF forces in the region.

Last night, the Taliban unlawfully arrested and imprisoned more than 100 residents of Panjshir province.