Taliban Opens 10 Graves in Panjshir’s Anaba District in Search of Firearms

Taliban fighters opened 10 graves in Anaba district, Panjshir province in search of firearms.

Reliable sources confirmed to Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban opened these graves on Thursday (December 15th) in the Tawakh and Dashtak villages of Anaba district.

It is reported that Taliban members did not find any arms in their attempts.

Residents consider the Taliban’s move as dishonoring the dead. It is also not permissible, in Islam, to show any kind of disrespect toward graves.

Taliban members hitherto have not commented on this incident.

Earlier it was reported that the Taliban had opened several dozens of graves of National Resistance Front (NRF) forces in various vicinities of Panjshir Province. Maltreatment, mutilation, despoliation and abuse of the corpses of the enemy’s dead is strictly forbidden by international humanitarian law and numerous military manuals.