Taliban Shut Down Girls’ Education in Jaghori District: A Step Backward in Progress

Local sources in Ghazni have reported that the Taliban have blocked the entrances to girls’ educational centers in Jaghori district of this province.

Reliable sources from Jaghori have informed Hasht-e Subh that on Monday, May 29, the Taliban warned the officials of educational centers in this district that they are not allowed to admit girls until further notice.

The closed centers include those that offer English language, computer, and academic subjects.

It is reported that these educational centers were closed one day after the enforcers of the Taliban’s Command for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice issued warnings regarding the attire of women, girls, and boys in Jaghori district.

According to recent Taliban warnings, boys in Jaghori are prohibited from wearing shirts and trousers, while girls are not allowed to wear “tight” clothes.

The enforcers of the Taliban’s Command for the Promotion of Virtue in Jaghori have warned of severe actions against violators.

Jaghori is considered one of the most densely populated districts in Ghazni. According to statistics, this district currently has nearly 100 public schools, several private schools, and educational centers.

Although the Taliban had previously banned girls from entering educational centers, in Jaghori district, girls used to attend these centers.