Taliban’s Latest Decree in Parwan Requires Media to Publish Content Verified by Bakhtar News Agency

In a recent order issued in Parwan, the Taliban has mandated that all media outlets must publish content that has been approved by the Bakhtar News Agency. This move is seen as an attempt to control the narrative and restrict the free flow of information in the country.

In a meeting called “Coordination between officials of government departments and the media,” Mufti Muhammad Edris Anwari, the Taliban’s deputy governor in Parwan, issued the directive on Monday. This decision was based on a letter from the Taliban-run Ministry of Information and Culture.

The Bakhtar News Agency is presently being operated under the authority of the Taliban.

Prior to the previous government’s collapse, there were at least 15 private and state media outlets in operation in Parwan province. However, following the Taliban’s takeover, most of these outlets have ceased operations due to economic challenges and restrictions imposed by the group.