17-Year-Old Afghan Teenager Shot Dead by Iranian Border Guards

Local sources in the Badghis province report that an Afghan teenager was killed by Iranian border guards’ shooting toward migrants on the border between Iran and Afghanistan.

According to local sources speaking to Hasht-e Subh, the incident occurred on the night of May 7, at the border between Afghanistan and Iran in the Nimroz province.

According to reports, Iranian border guards opened fire on a group of Afghan citizens who intended to illegally cross the border into Iran. The 17-year-old Afghan teenager, named Najib and a resident of Qala-e-Naw, the center of Badghis province, was killed in the shooting.

It is worth noting that hundreds of Afghan citizens leave Afghanistan for Iran on a daily basis due to poverty, unemployment, and security issues through illegal smuggling routes.

Additionally, the illegal entry and smuggling of Afghan citizens into Iran have increased after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The shooting of Iranian border guards toward Afghan citizens at the border between the two countries is not unprecedented.

Last year, Iranian state media reported that 11 Afghan migrants were killed as a result of shootings by Iranian border guards on the Iran-Afghanistan border.