A Satirist Arrested by the Taliban in Nangarhar

A satirist by the name of Haji Deedan, who is also known as Haji Kaka, was arrested by the Taliban in Nangarhar province.

Sources within the locality have confirmed that the Taliban detained the satirist on Wednesday.

Sources have reported that Haji Deedan was taken into custody by the Taliban without any valid reason, while he was merely sharing humorous content on social media platforms.

Delawar Faizan, the brother of Haji Deedan, has affirmed the satirist’s arrest on his own Facebook page, stating that his brother had no involvement in any political or military affairs.

Faizan has urged the Taliban to release his brother from their custody.

As of now, the Taliban in Nangarhar province has not issued any statements regarding the satirist’s arrest.

Haji Deedan, who is widely known as a prominent satirist in the eastern regions of Afghanistan, originally hails from Azra district of Logar province. He has been residing in Nangarhar for multiple years.