Alarming Rise in Tuberculosis Cases: Over 500 Infected in Logar Province in the Past Year

According to health officials of the Taliban, in Logar Province, over the past year, 575 individuals have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, indicating a 20% increase compared to the previous year.

Dr. Fahimullah Ludin, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Public Health in Logar, stated on Sunday, June 11, that the number of tuberculosis cases in 2021, including all districts, amounted to 494 cases, while the recorded statistics for 2022 reached 575 cases, showing a 20% increase in this province compared to the previous year.

He added that tuberculosis patients are receiving proper care from healthcare centers, and no deaths related to the disease have been recorded in the province so far.

Dr. Ludin emphasized that Logar Province has a total of 20 active health centers, including separate healthcare departments dedicated to treating tuberculosis patients, which operate 24 hours a day.

Ludin stated that the increase in tuberculosis cases in Logar is attributed to the return of migrants to the country.

This comes as health officials in Logar Province observed World Tuberculosis Day the previous day.

It is worth mentioning that health experts state that the initial symptoms of tuberculosis include a persistent cough for more than two weeks and weight loss. Individuals exhibiting such symptoms should promptly seek medical attention to receive proper treatment. Just a few days ago, the Taliban’s Acting Minister of Public Health, Kalender Abad, referred to tuberculosis as a health challenge, particularly in Afghanistan, during a meeting on infectious diseases and called for international organizations’ cooperation in combating this disease.