Child’s cry becomes hashtag of sympathy with the victims of Baraki explosion

8 Subh, Kabul: Pictures released of the explosion on Sunday evening, February 21, at the Baraki intersection in Kabul, show two young children crying to their injured mother, “Mother, get up”. Twitter users used this child’s cry as a hashtag (#mothergetup) to ask for justice and sympathize with the victims of the explosion, which has become the dominant trend on this social network.

The explosion took place at 4:22 p.m. at Baraki intersection on Sunday evening. According to Kabul police, four people were killed in the blast, including a police officer and child worker, and five others, including a woman and two other children, were injured.

Images of the two children crying over their mother and crying “Mother, get up” have provoked widespread reactions and harsh criticism on Twitter and Facebook. The injured mother was reportedly hospitalized during the incident and is in a stable condition.

In tweets posted by users with the hashtag “#mothergetup”, most of the criticism is directed at the Taliban and the perpetrators of the explosion. The Taliban have denied involvement in the blast in a newsletter.

Earlier, a father’s message to his daughter, who was killed in an attack on Kabul University in November had also become a hashtag on Twitter. After dozens of unanswered calls, the father wrote in a message to his daughter: “#whereareyoumydeardaughter.”

The city of Kabul has been witnessing an increase in magnetic mine explosions and targeted assassinations for some time now. No individuals and groups have taken responsibility for many of these explosions.