Eight Thousand Families Displaced in the Past Month as a Result of the War in Baghlan

8 Subh; Kabul: the Directorate of Refugees and Returnees of Baghlan province announced that about 8,000 had been displaced in the past month due to the escalation of the conflict in the province.

Sharifullah Shafaq, Director of Refugees and Returnees Directorate in Baghlan province, told 8 Subh on Sunday, June 27 that the families were displaced from Nahrin, center of Baghlan, Baraka, Dahna Ghori and other insecure districts of the province.

Of the 8,000 displaced families in the past month, 1,000 have been assisted, Shafaq added.

According to Shafaq, the survey and assistance process had started a month ago and about 7,000 families are being surveyed.

He added that in the near future, with the completion of the survey, food and non-food aid will be distributed to them.

Meanwhile, as a result of heavy fighting in the past month, several districts in Baghlan have seen clashes between the government and the Taliban.

The clashes in Baghlan have caused thousands of families to flee their homes.