Motorcycle of Taliban’s Provincial Chief Judge in Ghor Stolen While He Was Busy Flogging Thieves

Local sources in Ghor confirmed that the motorbike of the Taliban’s Chief Judge for Ghor province was stolen when he was busy flogging people suspected of robbery.

The incident took place on Thursday (December 15th) in Firozkoh, in central Afghanistan, which serves as the capital city of Ghor Province.

Sources confirmed to Hasht-e Subh that the thieves stole the motorbike of the Taliban-appointed head of the criminal court in Ghor while he was busy flogging 12 convicts.

The Taliban court publicly flogged 12 people, including a woman, on Thursday (December 15th) in Ghor province.

These people were tried on suspicion of robbery, dishonnesty and drinking alcohol.

In the last one month alone, the Taliban have flogged several dozens of people in front of hundreds of spectators in Ghor province.