Roads Linking Five Districts with Ghazni City Cut Off Due to Heavy Snowfall

According to local sources in Ghazni, roads of five districts with the provincial center have been cut off due to heavy snowfall.

On Saturday, local sources said that Jeghatu, Malistan, Jaghori, Qarabagh, and Nawur are the districts whose roads have been cut off from the center of Ghazni province.

According to sources, the snow thickness in Nawur district of Ghazni has reached more than one meter and the roads of all its villages with the center of the district are also blocked.

Sources say that the snow thickness in four other districts of Ghazni is from 20 to 60 centimeters.

It is said that people have faced serious problems due to recent snowfall and blockage of roads in the districts of this province.

Ghazni has witnessed severe snowfall in the last two days.

Yesterday, several passenger vehicles with their passengers were stuck in the snow at the Kotal-e-Luman in Jaghori district of Ghazni. The passengers were rescued with the help of local people on Friday night.