Taliban to Replace Indigenous Population With Pakistani Nomads Along Northern Afghanistan’s Qosh Tepa Canal: NRF

The National Resistance Front (NRF) of Afghanistan claims that the Taliban have distributed lands along the Qosh Tepa canal to nomad families who came to Afghanistan from Pakistan’s Waziristan and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province at the same time as the project started in northern Afghanistan.

NRF spokesperson, Sibghatullah Ahmadi, made the claim in a tweet on Thursday (November 24th).

“The Taliban have started distributing lands along the Qosh Tepa irrigation canal to the families of terrorists from Waziristan and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and other non-native peoples,” Ahmadi detailed.

The project was carried out with the aim of changing the demographic structure and “erasing the identity of the region” in a branch called “Canal Qosh Tepa” in the Taliban’s administrative office building in Kabul, NRF Spokesperson added.

Taliban officials have not yet commented on this claim.

Work on the construction of the Qosh Tepa canal started by the Taliban in early spring and is still underway. Taliban officials previously said that the construction of Qush Tepa Canal would be completed before its scheduled date.

The 60 billion afghani canal — 280 kilometers long and 100 meters wide — will reportedly irrigate 500,000 hectares of land in Balkh, Jawzjan and Faryab provinces.