Taliban Uses WFP Aids to Build Mosques in Parwan

Local sources in Parwan say that Taliban members are using humanitarian aid for needy people in some parts of this province to build mosques.

On Saturday, reliable sources said that Khan Mohammad, one of the people close to the Taliban in Shaikh Ali district of Dar-e-Ghorband in Parwan province, collected aid from the World Food Organization (WFP) for 80 families in need, and is going to spend them on the construction of a mosque in that district.

“Khan Mohammad has been designated by the Taliban as headman of Zirkhwal village and has been hoarding the aided materials for 17 families since last month and is going to hoard them in the next month as well.” the source added. The people are poor and the headman takes from the people by force.”

He did not say anything about the total worth of these donations.

The Taliban have not said anything about this so far.

Previously, there were reports of Taliban involvement in the distribution of donations from aid organizations.