To the Courageous Women of Afghanistan

By: Muzhgan Mirzad Panjshiri

Despite the Afghan women’s patience towards the Taliban, they have lost their rights. They had hoped that the Taliban would change, but were unaware that they would take away their right to education, which is a right granted to all people in the world by God. It is time for Afghan women to stop forgiving the Taliban and their followers, who do not recognize women‘s rights. The only way to reclaim their rights is through determination and bravery, as they are the ones who will disrupt the Taliban‘s rules and regulations and create a better future for Afghanistan.

Afghan women should not give up on their dreams and continue to resist the Taliban‘s lack of understanding, with or without the support of men. They should also keep fighting for their basic rights, even without international support. Eventually, their resistance and protests will be successful, and the Taliban‘s control over the brave people of Afghanistan will quickly come to an end.