Trump: A soldier told me that the Afghan election was more transparent than the US election

8 Subh, Kabul: US President Donald Trump tweeted, quoting a young US soldier who worked in Afghanistan, that Afghanistan’s election was “much more transparent and better” than the 2020 US election.

The president wrote: “A young military man working in Afghanistan told me that elections in Afghanistan are far more secure and much better run than the USA’s 2020 Election. Ours, with its millions and millions of corrupt Mail-In Ballots, was the election of a third world country. Fake President!”

The president has also criticized the US Supreme Court for failing to act on “widespread fraud” in the 2020 US presidential election.

Trump has claimed to have irrefutable evidence of electoral fraud, but the Supreme Court has ignored it.

The US presidential election was held on November 3 this year, and according to it, Trump’s opponent from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, was declared the winner.

Donald Trump has repeatedly accused the election of being rigged. He has also explicitly refused to accept the election results so far.

He compared the 2020 US election to the Afghan election, although presidential elections in Afghanistan, with its several rounds, have always been controversial.

The latest example of this is last year’s presidential election, the outcome which was also controversial, leading to two inaugurations by President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah in one day. Finally, after a detailed discussion, the two sides signed a political agreement under which Abdullah Abdullah would chair the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation and important positions in government were divided equally between the two.