Women Cannot Visit Health Centers Without Male Companion: Taliban in Nangarhar

The Taliban’s Vice and Virtue Department has issued a new order in nine districts of Nangarhar province, indicating that women cannot visit health clinics or have a doctor examine them without a male companion.

Local sources in Nangarhar confirmed that this order was announced on Thursday (November 24th) to the residents of Achin, Ghanikhel, Nazian, Durbaba, Goshta, Kama, Khogyani, Shirzad and Surkhroud districts of Nangarhar province.

Residents and the imams of the mosques have received the order and they have to seriously convey and implement this order to the people in congregational prayers, sources detailed.

The Vice and Virtue Department has not commented on this move of the Taliban in relation to imposing restrictions on women visiting hospitals.

The Taliban had previously given the same order in Spinghar district, eastern Nangarhar province.

These restrictions are imposed while today (Friday, November 25th) is coincided with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the international community has repeatedly asked the Taliban to respect women’s rights.