Badakhshan Landslides: At Least 10 Miners Trapped at Mining Site

At least 10 miners have been trapped in a gold mine site after a landslide occurred last night due to an earthquake in Badakhshan province.

This incident happened on Thursday night in Khairabad village of Yawan district of Badakhshan.

It is said that the trapped workers are screaming for help after 15 hours of the landslide.

However, another source said that so far locals have managed to save at least two miners, adding that the voices of five workers can still be heard from the mine site.

This event happened after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which was announced in Jurm district of Badakhshan province.

However, so far, the exact number of workers trapped in this mine and its possible casualties have not been determined.

The Taliban in Badakhshan have recently said that rescue teams have been sent to the site. The Taliban has announced the number of people trapped in this mine as three people.

Badakhshan is one of the mountainous regions that have many mines in it, and every year dozens of workers lose their lives due to non-standard mine exploration.