Close Associate of Taliban Governor in Herat Province Allegedly Kidnaps Shepherd and 100 Sheep

Local sources in Herat have reported that associates of Mawlawi Nur Mohammad Islamjar, the Taliban governor of Herat, have kidnapped a shepherd with 100 sheep in this province.

Sources spoke to Hasht-e Subh on Monday, April 17, stating that the incident occurred in the areas of Gul-chah and Chah-Takhta in the Kushk Robat Sangi and Gholran districts of Herat province.

According to the sources, nearly 30 armed militants from the Taliban governor’s associates launched a nighttime attack on the shepherd and his herd in the mentioned areas, hitting several of them and tying up their hands and feet.

Residents of the Gul-chah and Chah Takhta villages have stated that they are unaware of the fate of the shepherd and his sheep.

Sources have also stated that the Taliban governor of Herat, as well as the local Taliban commanders in the province, have ordered relevant authorities not to accept any complaints or petitions from the kidnapped shepherd.

Reportedly, the injured shepherd has attempted to meet with several Taliban officials, including the governor, but he was denied a meeting.

The reason for the kidnapping and the refusal to accept the shepherd’s complaints by the local authorities in Herat remains unknown.

The Taliban have not commented on the matter.

It is worth noting that the Taliban have been accused of looting people’s property and assets in other provinces before.